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The Vigroth Cord Song and The Bible October 13, 2009

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The Good Book
One of the most remarkable euphemisms ever coined.

– Alfred North Whitehead

The Vigroth Cord Song and The Bible

© D. Erick Emert


Below is the Vigroth Cord Song from Chapter 3 of The Myth of Kyrrell Swamp.  It is one of the three Creation Songs of the Vigroth oral tradition.  The other two are located in Chapter 1 and can be found on Daily Deliberations, my other blog.

I have a little challenge for you.  Read through this song and see if you can tell how many of the ideas presented can be found in the Bible – an excellent resource for creating religions, real or fantasy.  I’ll come back in a few days and give you answers:

“Long ‘go, back before Time n Times themselfs began.
Brother Maker caused all us Vigroth ta come inta bein’.
Erde was perfect back then.
N the Great Weald stretched far from north ta south.”

“Now, Brother Maker knew the OutSiders was comin’
N he’d have ta crack the world.
So he formed us as spirits back then, with no bodies.
This was before our first birthin’.

We was in the Secret Place deep unnerground.
He tolt us, ‘Get ta know one another real good.
He hadda special purpose for our people.
After some time there was groups a us

What enjoyed one another’s company.
We worked well with each other
So Brother Maker fused us inta the Cords.”
“Brother Maker wove us tagether in the depths a the Secret Place.

Like strands makin’ up a bow-string,
He twined our emotions,
So we’d know n x’cept one another.
He laced our spirits,

So we’d have the strength given a bonded cord.
This kept us strong n survivin’.
“He meshed our desires,
So we could focus our will more fully tagether.

He braided our minds,
So we could think without dis’greement.
He marked us on our souls as Corded,
So the Elder would know who ta put us with.”

“He destined us ta be Corded,
As was his plan.
He made us able ta give up the self
For the survival a our people.

We are unique in all his work.
“Then, Brother Maker cracked Erde!”

“He formed our bodies
N birthed us ta the Weald.
Now we are bonded one ta another,
For all Time N Times.”

“One flesh.
One mind.
One spirit.
One will.

“Deeply familiar
With one ‘nother’s ways,
Cause we grew tagether
Across eternity.”

“Our names reflect this unnerstandin’
Forged in us for one another, a reminder.
Two letters, tagether, in each name.
One for the person outside

What’s easy ta see.
One for the person inside
What takes a effort ta know.
“Ta balance the dangers a life

Brother Maker gave us the bond.
A true blendin’ a all we are
Unlike anythin’ else in the Great Teacher.
Special ta us n only for the Vigroth Cords.”

“When we die We go back ta the Weald
Both in Spirit n body.
Then we rebirthed
Someplace else in the Weald.

“Don’t make no mattermind
If we be rebirthed male or female
Cause we are one.
Thus, as Brother Maker promised, we survive.

Lec hojasoc.”   “We are one.”
Lec lona ranish. “We will survive.”



1. Yarnspnr - October 18, 2009

No takers, eh? Okay. We’ll just leave things as is until someone mans up and accepts the challenge. 🙂

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